Photometric stereoscopic imaging system

Sistema de imagen estereoscópica fotométrica

Imágenes computacionales

It refers to computational optical imaging. On the basis of traditional geometric optics, the information of physical optics is organically integrated, including such physical indicators as polarization, phase, and orbital angular momentum. With information transmission as the criterion, the information of light field is yielded in multiple dimensions. The light field information is intensively mined by using the expertise in mathematics and signal processing. Higher-dimensional information is obtained through the interpretation of physical processes. 

Four lights with different angle and color combination are used to project directional shadows in a stroboscopic manner around the concave and convex features of measured object. This set of image features is enhanced through various algorithms to display subtle surface features that are difficult to find or impossible to show on 2D images.

Caso de aplicación - Detección de defectos en la bolsa de la batería de litio Diagrama original de cuatro direcciones El estereograma fotométrico puede distinguir entre depresiones y protuberancias

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